Patient Resources

Helpful Links, Resources, and Treatment Information for Patients

For many people with cancer, radiation treatment is new and unfamiliar. The treatment planning process, length of treatment, and side effects are not always the same for each person. We hope to provide patients and their loved ones with useful information to help understand what may be involved and what to anticipate with radiation treatments. Below we provide general information to help learn more about radiation, but ask your doctor whether the information here applies to you.

What to Expect

Learn what to expect from initial consultation through treatment and follow-up visits.

Types of Treatment

Radiation treatment can be new and unfamiliar. Learn more about your type of cancer.

Helpful Links

Learn more about radiation treatment through our additional and state-specific resources.

Cancer Types

Brain Tumor

Facts, information, and treatment options for brain cancer.

Breast Cancer

Facts, information, and treatment options for breast cancer.

Colorectal Cancer

Learn more about colorectal cancer treatment options.

Gynecologic Cancer

Learn about gynecological cancer treament options.

Head and Neck Cancer

Comprehensive information about head and neck cancers.

Lung Cancer

Learn about your options for lung cancer treatment.

Prostate Cancer

Learn how to treat and manage prostate cancer.

Skin Cancer

Facts & information about skin cancer treatment.

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